The Best Foods to Stock in Your Pantry Before a Blizzard Hits-Non-Perishable Food

The weather forecaster says: wind, snow, and ice are coming toward you. Therefore before the winter storms arrives, stock up on these foods. You need to be sure that you can eat well in the event lose power or you are stuck at your own home for a few days.

You have probably learned something about preparing for wild winter emergencies, If you live in a cold climate like I live. Here in northern Vermont, Ice storms, Blizzards, severe wind chills – you name it… You can guess, and imagin that how harsh are the conditions.

You need to stock up on the right foods at your house to be blizzard-ready. A sudden coming snowstorm could leave you without power for days, even for weeks sometimes. Trust me, it is no fun to be stuck in the dark, and cold and suddenly realize that you are out of stock in your house.

FEMA – The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends you keeping at least a three or four-day supply of non-perishable (like canned) food items. For people who live in high-risk areas, stock up to feed the family members for double the time you estimate any outages. It is always easy and good to be prepared.

Here is a benefical list of (like canned) long-lasting, easy-to-find foods which will help you survive winter storm or a blizzard – besides some foods to avoid. First, plan ahead so you don’t end up empty-handed when grocery or supermarket shelves are empty.

Snowstorm Pantry-Prep

Do not forget to stock your pantry with high-energy and healthy foods. Be sure to check the expiry dates of the item list you keep every 6 months.

Bottled Water-You will need it for washing up, cooking, and drinking. CDC – “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” suggests a gallon a day for each pet and person. Don’t skimp: Dehydration is too risky, consume your energy quickly and can even be fatal.

Canned Soups– are the classical easy and comfort foods which provide liquids and important nutrients. Look for low-sodium included varieties.

Protein Bars and Granola – They are easy to store, rich in carbohydrates, energy-boosting, and last for months. Some Protein Bars and Granolas are high in added sugars, that’s why check labels carefully.

Apple Sauce and Other Low-Sugar Fruit Cups or Cakes – Do not forget that ready-to-eat and single serving items are keys.

Baking Mixes and Pancakes – You can cook, if you have a grill or gas stove even if the electricity goes out. Stock up on just-add-water mixes, like biscuits and pancakes.

Oats, Rice, and Other Grains – They are easy to cook and can turn other foods into a full meal.
Peanuts and Peanut Butters – They nourish you with healthy protein and fats.
Whole-Grain Crackers and Tortillas – You can use them as mini-sandwiches, wraps, snacks.
Whole Grain is very rich in carbohydrates and fiber. It delivers carbonhidrates which provide energy, while fiber helps you feel full of yourselves.
Canned Salmon, Tuna, Turkey, and Chicken-provide protein and will last about three years in your pantry.
Canned Beans – They are an perfect source of fiber and protein.
Honey – gives high energy.
Sports drinks – The important thing is just to watch out for added sugars. They help you keep hydrated and regain carbs and lost electrolytes.
High-Heat Oils like Sesame, Peanut, Avocado Oil – you can do a ton foods with the right skillets and grilling. Asian noodles can be ready about two minutes when you throw them into a pan.
Dry and Canned Pet Food – You can buy more than you think you will need. Pets will need them.
Dried Raisins and Apricots – Rich in fiber and antioxidants, they are healthy snack, and natural sweet.
Low-Sodium Canned Vegetables – They provide many vitamins, are last for years and cheap.

Fresh Products You Should Buy Before a Winter Storm

The veggies and fruits listed below can stay fresh for days or even weeks without refrigerator. Stock up when you heard snowstorm is on the way, and wash them definitely ahead of time.

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Citrus fruits like grapefruit, oranges, and clementines.
  • Avocados
  • Tomatoes

Easy and Comfort Foods to Keep on Hand During a SnowStorm

When the blizzard hits your door, the only thing you can do is hunker down and watch the snow, and drink something hot.

  • Dark Chocolate: It has got more healthy nutrients than milk chocolate.
  • Hot cocoa mix
  • Herbal teas

Don’t Forget

Special needs: Baby food, infant formula, medicines
Cleaning wipes
Tools: Candles and matches, flashlights, can opener

Foods to Avoid During a Winter Storm

Alcohol – is dehydrating, and could impair your judgement capability when you need to give quick decisions.
Spicy or Salty Foods: They can make you extra thirsty.
Junk Foods: Filling up on sodas and sweets adds empty, and unnecessary calories, makes your energy down, and your resistance to flu.
Fridge foods: Toss eggs, milk, and other refrigerated foods that have been at room temperature for more than 2 hours. Thawed foods can be good to eat as long as they are still cold.