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Retirement Party

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14 January 2020

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Retirement Party

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Although the flavor tray is one of the Wisconsin dinner club classics, it has become famous all over the world with its convenience and stylish appearance for snacks. This serving tray, which contains pickles, olives, various fresh vegetables and snacks, is famous for its appetite. It is indispensable for parties and crowded dinners. There are many varieties that can be used in the tray, from the traditional to the modern.

What Should Be in a Relish Tray?

You can often come across these delicious trays, which you will come across at almost every dinner club, at the parties you attend. Many people are not aware of the existence of such a thing until they encounter it frequently and research it or ask a specialist. Even if he has seen it before, he may not be aware of such a concept.

These unique delicious trays, which can be prepared easily even by those who are not good with cooking, are shaped according to preferences. If you want, you can prepare a plate with meat and meat products, or you can prepare these serving plates with only vegetables, only pickled products or only cheese. In order to appeal to everyone in crowds, it is very popular as a vegan alternative, prepared with fresh vegetables.

Besides, you can always use artisan crackers, homemade bread rolls and canapés. While crackers add flavor to the flavor of this plate, it will also carry its image to a very different point.

As you start to make these flavor trays, which you will have a lot of fun while preparing, you will find more space on your tables and you will see that they are getting better every time.

What is required to make a relish tray is very little.

  • Chopping board
  • Chef’s knife
  • Platter
  • Tiny glass containers (You may not even need it if the contents you will use can stand without falling apart.)

How to Make a Relish Tray?

You can keep these serving plates, which you can prepare completely depending on what you desire, as simple as you want or you can make them very ostentatious. It’s often more fun to make it flashy and if you add cheese you can get a very modern feel.

First you need to decide on your concept. Let’s say you want to choose a mix of pickles, pickles and fresh vegetables. So giving up on these plates olives, pickles and celery will be perfect for these plates. By paying attention to the nutritional balance, protein and carbohydrate balance should be well caught.


  • Even though using small plates for tiny dispersible ingredients gives a more organized look, using berries such as grapes by sprinkling them on it will also add a different atmosphere to your tray. If you want a very organized plate, tiny jars, bowls and divided glass serving trays will help you a lot.
  • Try to catch the harmony of colors, as you can create a plate with similar colors together, you can also catch a perfect harmony with the colors you spread on the whole tray. If you have a lot of green materials, you can try to reduce them by scattering them in certain parts of the tray.
  • It is very important to have harmony with heights and textures. If you make it as diverse as possible, you won’t get a bad plate even if you want to.
  • Using edible greens, fresh basil, rosemary will take your tray to a whole new level.


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